BTS Founder and alumna Tina Curiel-Allen in front of Hart Hall


Being System-Impacted at the UC: Ofelia Cuevas

Assistant Professor Ofelia Cuevas describes her experiences as a system-impacted undergraduate, grad student, and faculty member in the University of California system. These experiences inform her research on the carceral state.

Our Intention and Purpose: Danny Mendoza '19

"The BTS collective and allies became a major part of my success at UC Davis. I was viewed not just as another student, another number, or someone passing by, but as a human being. This was our intention and purpose. Palabra."

Walking in my Family's Truth: Tiana Williams

When I came to UC Davis, I did not imagine ever being classified as system impacted or having a space to express my family’s experiences. I thought that it would just continue to be a part of my family history that was only ours to know and deal with.

Becoming an Attorney: Briana Zweifler, JD

Attending law school at UC Davis was both empowering and eye-opening for Briana Zweifler. "The things that were hard were the way people talked about people who were incarcerated or justice-involved, and how many people believed that the system works well just as it is."

An Advisor's Story: Shannan Schobinger

As a first-generation college student who was also system-impacted, I thought I had to choose between sharing my circumstances and being stigmatized in order to get support, or sharing nothing and pushing through on my own. I often chose the latter, and felt alone.