Board Statement

A Call to Action: Formerly Incarcerated and System-Impacted Students and the University

The Beyond the Barriers initiative believes that supporting students, staff and faculty who have been touched by carceral systems and the reliance on incarceration is critical to the future of the state of California. We know that the challenges presented by incarceration impede the aspirations of all impacted to thrive and participate in building a better world. Critically aware that incarceration has not served the public good, the UC Davis Beyond the Barriers initiative aims to support formerly incarcerated and system-impacted students, faculty and staff as they strive to succeed and address the inequities experienced by their communities on campus and beyond.  

For too long formerly incarcerated and system-impacted members of the University of California have been unable to seek personal or institutional support due to the broadly-held negative perceptions and stereotyping of people who have experienced the carceral system. We know that they are some of the bravest and brightest of our community and contribute to the strength of our institutions by virtue of the wisdom and experiences they brings to our campus. By providing critical support to students, this initiative will also enable a stronger research directive towards better understanding how issues of incarceration effect students, university communities, and the state of California.

We believe that now is the time to create a transformative space to elevate and establish enduring support for the students, faculty and staff who have undertaken significant steps to succeed and transform their lives, collective hopes, and our campus.  We are honored to join them in their journey.